Origin and Location of Items

The items exhibitted on this site have been collected from a variety of sources and arranged here to provide a comprehensive location and a cohesive exhibit.

Digital Media Archives: Most of the newspaper articles were collected from the Daily Texan or the Austin-American Statesman digital archives. The Daily Texan archive is hosted by Newspaper Archive, and the Austin-American Statesman archive is hosted by ProQuest. Many New York Times articles were found on the New York Times digital archive. The Texas Observer digital archive was also instrumental, as was GoogleBooks, which hosts an archive for The Alcalde and Texas MonthlyAll other media sources were located in hard copy and digitized. 

University Records: The UT Office of the General Faculty hosts an archive of all Faculty Senate, University Council, and General Faculty records, including all reports, minutes, and agendas. All official university records from outside the English Department were collected from this source.

Personal Papers: The private papers of two people contributed to this exhibit: Lester Faigley and John Ruskiewicz. Roughly half of the items in this collection come from Ruskiewicz's meticulous collection of personal correspondence, departmental memoranda, and other institutional ephemera. It is no exaggeration to say that the history recorded by this exhibit would be lost without Ruszkiewicz's contribution. Both Faigley and Ruszkiewicz have given permission for us to digitize and publicize their papers. Other items in this collection currently reside in two sets of personal papers at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History: The James Kinneavy papers and the Standish Meacham papers. Since we do not have permission to publicize these items, we include descriptions and location information, allowing other researchers to find the items more easily.

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